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Do I need a skip bin?

Posted 14 November 2017

How to decide if you need a skip bin? Will it be the most economical way to dispose waste?

The cost of taking a regular 6 x 4 trailer to your local waste disposal site is an expensive expedition, time consuming and takes you away from more important things in your life. If you have to take more than 2-3 trailer loads you may need to look into other options.

Let’s take a few examples to demonstrate if you need a skip bin:

Are you doing a kitchen renovation? Generally your waste from an exercise like this could be between 4-6 cubic metres. You’ll need a skip bin!

Are you moving house? If you are decluttering from a house move you could end up with approximately 6-12 cubicmetres of rubbish. A skip bin will be your best option.

Are you getting stuck into a garden clean up? Generally if you have a medium to large garden, your waste could be between 6-8 cubicmetres. A skip bin will be the way to go to make your clean up easier.

Large Deceased Estates What to do when a family member passes away and you have to deal with the clean up? You could have in excess of 12-13 cubic metres of household items that can’t be sold or re-purposed. This could also include a garden clean up and shed clean out. Imagine trying that with a 6 x 4 trailer? A skip bin is the answer.

What size bin to order rule The general rule is to order the next bin size up than what you think you may need. The cost to upsize is far less than it is to re-order another bin later! So do your best to try and work it out or seek advice from Dirty Deeds Bin Hire.

How to prevent others from using your skip bin

Posted 14 November 2017

How frustrating is it when strangers use your skip bin?

Here are a few ways to combat this situation:

  • 1. Don’t order your bin too far in advance from the time you need it.
  • 2. Fill your bin up as quickly as possible
  • 3. Once your bin is full call for it to be taken away


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